The Problem with Western Kentucky Univesity

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Dear Editors:

Your impassionate plea for letters brought a tear to my eye. It moved me and now I feel compelled to air my complaints about Western Kentucky University.

I have spent many years here at Western. And every semester (without fail) Western spends money on a pet project that does not benefit students. I have compiled in this letter a short list of projects that weren’t meant to benefit students:

1. Diddle Memorial Park

2. The New Belltower

3. The New Diddle Arena

4. The Wall on University Blvd.

5. The New Faculty Parking Lot

6. The Pepsi Concession

Maybe one day Western will actually focus on student needs than Western’s wants. Maybe they will improve the student parking situation (e.g. lower tag prices, and create more lots). Or maybe improve the lighting situation on campus (there are several unlit spots that need lights). Or possibly lower food prices so that those of us on campus don’t have to take out student loans to eat. And one final suggestion. Stop making pet projects and spend money on building the dorms you promised.


John Baize