Herald ignores intramurals

As the new Marketing Assistant for the Intramural-Recreational Sports Department, I am looking for ways to inform the students about the activities happening at the Preston Center, the Sports Complex and the Health & Fitness Lab.

A major interest in marketing concerns the media coverage. Obviously, the Herald, because of its accessibility to the student population, would be our first choice. Although the major sports receive a great deal of coverage in the Herald, the publicity and interest stories concerning programs and activities in the area of intramural-recreational sports is close to non-existent. Regardless as to where the blame might fall, it is a benefit for the students to be informed about all the programs and activities sponsored by the university.

Last year, we made an effort to increase the amount of coverage by taking out a full page ad in the Herald once every two weeks. Although news about the major sports appeared as news items without cost to them, we paid for our page in the paper. The Department is now trying to determine whether or not this page made a difference in student awareness.

The Herald, in keeping up with the times, has made changes that are of benefit to them. Unfortunately, these changes present major problems for us. Since the new pages are larger, the cost for a full page ad is more. Also, the new procedure in submitting ads places a great deal more work on the part of those submitting ads and requires purchasing additional, expensive computer software.

In brief, we would like to know if the “Intramural-Recreational Sports Page” as it appeared in the Herald last semester, will be missed!

Sarah Irvin

Columbia graduate student