Welcome Back Western Bash fun, though students ignore games

Cassie Riley

The scorching sun didn’t keep students away from the promise of gifts and Vanilla Coke last Thursday.

Instead, they prevented sunburn and got free stuff by gathering under 15 tents set up on DUC South Lawn as part of the 2002 Welcome Back Western Bash.

This year’s event was the first to include games and a concert. However, it seemed students were unaware of the volleyball net and inflatable jousting ring set up outside Preston Health and Athletics Center.

While the informational fair was attended by scores of students, only a handful participated in the games. But a sizable crowd showed up at the Guthrie Bell Tower to see local contemporary Christian band FLOORD’.

Fifty-six local businesses and college organizations had tables set out to give information and gifts to students. The booths included Club 302, Kroger and Spirit Masters.

“We’ve been here since 10:30 a.m.,” said CQ Leigha Cook, a Medical and Laboratory assistant at CQ UrgentCare, a local medical facility.

“A lot of students have come by and are familiar with us,” she said.

Not only were students given the opportunity to acquire awareness of local businesses, but also a number of free gifts. A lot of booths gave away more than just pencils and magnets.

Some of the giveaways ranged anywhere from T-shirts to cups to chip-clips.

Henderson senior Kristen Churchwell attended the festival for the first time this year. She expressed mixed feelings about the event.

“It’s almost like they’re taking advantage of the students with all the free stuff,” she said. “But I’m getting it too.”

Like many other students, the promise of free giveaways drew her to the informational fair.

“It’s pretty cool,” Lafayette senior Eric Reid said. “There’s a lot of free stuff.”

In addition to a bagful of goodies, Reid was one of a group of students to win prizes from the drawings held by the various businesses attending the fair.

At 6 p.m., students gathered around the bell tower to see local band FLOORD’. Passers-by stopped in their tracks or sat on the grass as FLOORD’ covered the song “Meet Virginia” by the popular group Train.

WHHR 91.7 the Revolution was also getting in some advertising by giving away Frisbees and stickers while the band promoted the release of their new CD “Listen.”

Those on their way to dinner were seen nodding their heads to the beat as its echo bounced between the Preston Center and Downing University Center.

“They made a lot of covers and most of them were pretty good,” Georgetown freshman Jeremy Spors said.

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