Former Lady Topper underwent angioplasty

Staff Reports

LINCOLN, Neb. — Former Lady Topper basketball coach Paul Sanderford has undergone angioplasty to open up an artery that was 90 percent blocked.

According to The Associated Press, the procedure appears successful and should prevent his needing heart bypass surgery, Sanderford said after returning home Tuesday.

“I feel like I got hit by a truck, but I’m going to be OK,” Sanderford said. “I’m just going to take it easy for a little while. It’s something you just have to look after.”

Sanderford resigned June 13 after five seasons at the helm of the University of Nebraska women’s basketball team, citing health concerns.

“My body is telling me enough is enough, and I’m going to listen,” he said at the time.

Sanderford was 88-69 in five seasons at Nebraska. He came to Lincoln in 1997 after 15 seasons at Western, where he took the Hilltoppers to the Final Four three times.