Billy Porter becomes expert at highlighting his cheekbones

Billy Porter becomes expert at highlighting his cheekbones


Billy Porter has learned how to “highlight and shadow” his cheekbones.

The ‘Pose’ star – who is known for his statement-making fashion choices – has revealed he has become an expert at making his cheeks standout in a “subtle way”.

Asked what tips and tricks he has picked up along the way having his make-up done by professionals for TV and film, he said: “Well (laughs), the great thing about working in film and television is that people are there to do that stuff for you! (laughs) So, you know, I can’t say that I’ve personally picked up tips, although I have learned how to highlight and shadow my cheekbones. I’ve learned how to pull those out a little bit more in a subtle way.”

The 51-year-old actor added how Clorox Scentiva disinfecting wipes have become his best friend on set since returning to film the hit American drama series amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He told “But I must say, going back to ‘Pose’ post-pandemic, with all of the COVID protocols in place, Clorox Scentiva disinfecting wipes came in handy. That was a part of the process, making sure that everything was disinfected at all times. And I really use the product a lot in my trailer and in my space. You know, I carry around my little Scentiva wipes and made sure my stuff was clean, honey! Every surface!”