Letter from the editor: College Heights Herald brings more changes, surprises with the new year


Lily Burris, Editor-in-chief

Welcome back and welcome home! I’m so glad to have everyone back here on the hill!

I know these past 18 months have come with a lot of changes and a lot of surprises, but nothing warms my heart more than to see campus come to life with the Hilltopper Spirit for a new school year.

Speaking of changes and surprises, the Herald has a few to throw at you.


Instead of releasing a new product each week, we’ll be releasing one paper a month — think more news magazine and less newspaper. We’re planning to theme each issue around one topic and cover it from news to sports to commentary. This month’s theme is a classic — the Back to School edition.

We’re giving more and more attention to our digital side. Our daily newsletter will be coming straight
to your inbox each day to keep you up to date on the latest WKU happenings. If you don’t receive the newsletter, I highly encourage you to sign up! We have our subscription box on the front page of our website, wkuherald.com.

We’re also working to have new stories and digital content on our page everyday. We cover everything ranging from administration, campus trends, sports and new programs. We’re constantly looking for stories and information to share with our audience, so don’t be afraid to send our teams an email at [email protected] or [email protected].

Another digital effort we’re taking is doing more work on our social media. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @wkuherald. Follow us on these platforms to find the latest news in your feed.

The Herald is more than just a newspaper and a newsletter. We’re also a place for you to hear from the community, so we’re working on growing our commentary and community content. Want to submit a letter to the editor? Want to write about the latest issues on campus? Want to hear our thoughts on things happening? Send an email to [email protected]; we want to hear from our audience.

In sticking with the theme of making changes and becoming a better version of ourselves, we’re also always looking for more people to join our staff! We want all types of people with all types of ideas working with us. If you want to be a part of what I consider the coolest group around, join us by filling out our application at wkuherald.com/apply. Also, feel free to swing by the Adams-Whitaker Student Publications Building. There’s almost always someone around to talk to and answer questions.

I can’t wait to see where this year takes the Herald, the university and the world. I know each day feels like a crazy time to be alive, but I’ve decided to be glad to live it! If you ever have anything you want to reach out about or ask me questions, feel free to reach me at [email protected] or [email protected]. I want to be open to you all.

I hope you enjoy your time on the Hill!

And as always, go tops!

Lily R. Burris