SUBMITTED: 7 tips from the WKU Counseling Center


Students in 405 Math Methods listen to their instructor about an in-class assignment on March 8, 2021.

Karl Laves

1. Go to class every time it meets. Even if you are anxious, mad, sad, tired, or feeling sick. Go to class. You don’t have to feel good to learn in class. Just being there you will hear and see things automatically. The biggest mistake students make is to start skipping class. It might feel good when you do it but it feels worse when class is over knowing you have to go back again. Just don’t miss class.
2. If class is boring, have a second note pad for making lists, plans, doodling, etc. Take something to drink, take snacks, take a rubber ball to squeeze. I once had a class that met once a week at night…..I ordered a pizza before class and took it with me to class; sat on the back row and ate dinner while taking notes.
3. Get to know all your instructors. Say hello to them when you walk into class. Sit near the front of class. This is a great way to let the instructor know you are serious about doing well and it forces you to pay attention. Also, sitting in the front makes it hard for you to see the other students, so you wont be as nervous.
4. Write everything you need to remember down. Write it down when you hear it in class. Then when back in your room, write it down on a poster, chart, calendar. I like using something other than my computer; my computer has too many things on it, I like to use a a chart on my wall where I can see the dates and deadlines every time I look up.
5. You have to accept that just about every student on this campus is anxious about doing well. American universities are not good at helping students be calm. We push too much for competition. But just know you are not the only student who is worried.
6. You also need to accept that many students that worried about their classes also passed their classes and graduated. Feeling bad isn’t the same as doing bad. And all of us that went to university had one or two low grades. It isn’t the end of the world.
7. Being in school is hard work; you need to also take time for good nutrition, good sleep, and exercise. You need to spend some time each day having fun…..that will keep your brain from getting exhausted.