5 tips for readjusting to in-person classes this semester


Students walk toward Cherry Hall on the first day of classes at WKU on Aug. 25 in Bowling Green. Mike Clark/HERALD

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

After spending the past three semesters taking hybrid or online classes from bed, students have returned to in-person classes requiring them to be spread across the Hill.

Here are five tips to help you handle the semester:

Organize your schedule

Returning to in-person after taking classes from bed can be overwhelming. Using a schedule or a planner is helpful to prioritize time whether it is just a class schedule, when assignments are due or any plans you have throughout your day. A schedule provides a visual resource to see how busy you are. 

Prioritize your time

During a busy semester, finding time to have a social life, homework and extracurriculars can be incredibly difficult, but saving chunks of time for what you want to prioritize will allow you to find ways to get work done while still managing to have a social life. 

Prepare for class changes

Until the pandemic is completely over, classes still may go online again. Communicating with professors and keeping an eye on emails will keep you up to date on any changes such as if classes are held on Zoom or cancelled.

Create a distraction free zone

Having an area that is free of any distractions will provide you with a consistent space that can be used for studying or doing assignments. Finding a way to keep your phone put away, or anything else that would distract you allows you to focus on getting homework done whenever you need it.

Carry necessities

Despite in-person classes providing a glimpse of normalcy, a pandemic is still spreading. By carrying extra masks, hand sanitizer or cleaning wipes, you will never have to worry about being without a mask while you’re in a rush.


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