75% of WKU student-athletes, 88% of Athletics staff vaccinated


Credit: Debra Murray

Vaccines are available throughout Bowling Green at different Walgreens locations, CVS Pharmacies, and the Medical Center at Bowling Green. Many places allow people to make appointments online.

Jake Moore, Sports Editor

WKU Athletics confirmed to the Herald on Tuesday morning that 75% of WKU’s student-athletes and 88% of WKU Athletics’ staff have received vaccinations as of Monday, Aug. 30.

WKU Athletics will continue to follow the university’s COVID-19 protocols. Vaccinations are not required to attend games, but everyone on WKU’s campuses is required to wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status until further notice.

Conference USA has not yet made an announcement regarding teams forfeiting games due to COVID-19 infections, but WKU’s vaccination rates should help prevent major outbreaks throughout the fall season.

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