Tree falls on Munday Hall


Arthur Trickett-Wile

As seen on Tuesday, Aug. 31 2021, a tree lays fallen on the East side of Munday Hall.

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

A tree has fallen on the east side of Munday Hall on Aug. 31, as a result of stormy weather. 

The level of damage the tree caused is currently unknown, but a crane will be used to remove the tree to minimize any potential damage, Jace Lux, media relations director said in an email. 

After the tree is removed, the department of facilities management can assess the damage.

“Anytime there are significant storms and rainfall like we’ve experienced for the past 18 hours on campus, there’s a risk of something like this happening,” Bryan Russell, chief facilities officer said. “Our priority now is removing the tree and assessing any structural damage that may have occurred.”

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