Graves Gilbert Clinic asks for patience from students awaiting COVID-19 test results


Credit: Debra Murray

Vaccines are available throughout Bowling Green at different Walgreens locations, CVS Pharmacies, and the Medical Center at Bowling Green. Many places allow people to make appointments online.

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

Graves Gilbert Clinic is asking students to allow the clinic 24 hours after testing before calling for results. 

In an update from David Oliver, director of environmental health and safety, GGC said that students can enroll in the patient portal, Follow My Health, and have immediate access to results.

All individuals are required to quarantine until they receive a negative test result, and still need to report a positive case or close contact within four hours of being notified.

In between Sept. 3 until Sept. 6, 46 positive cases have been reported to the university. 43 cases were students and 3 cases were faculty or staff.

As we continue to see a significant rise in Covid-19 infections and hospital admissions, we ask all members of the WKU community to take measures to keep themselves and others safe,” Oliver said. 

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