ISEC gallery features students’ artwork for Hispanic Heritage month



The Latin American Heritage Exhibit in Downing Student Union features posters on Latin American countries and art work made by Latin American WKU students.

Makaio Smith, News reporter

The ISEC academy and Hilltopper Organization of Latin American Students partnered together to create and host the Hispantic Heritage month art gallery.

The gallery showcases posters about multiple Spanish speaking countries and various student donated artwork. The posters include information about each country and a glimpse at the various cultures.

Cres’sena Thomas, associate director of the ISEC academy, helped plan the gallery and explained the decision to host an art gallery to showcase Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Usually we do pictures for Hispanic Heritage month to get things going and because it’s the first recognized themed month once school starts back,” Thomas said. “It is a struggle sometimes finding and getting cooperation on things we chose to showcase from students, which we prefer, and when students are not an option we tend to look to other departments to assist.”

Gathering student-submitted artwork can be a struggle at times but the gallery received several several submissions

Two mixed-medium prints that are showcased in the gallery, “La Diosa Atabey” and “El Vejigante”, were submitted by Sol Garced Ortiz, a student at WKU. All of the posters are student-made and the artwork is student donated.

HOLAS gathers the artwork and posters, then the ISEC academy puts them up in their gallery for the entire month. Students are free to visit the gallery throughout the day until 4:30pm. 

“I feel like they chose to do an art gallery because with art it’s more impactful with what people see and how they can correlate,” Troy Davis ll, film major with a minor in business administration and desk assistant in the ISEC office said. “With the combination of information of the Spanish speaking countries as well as the art, it helps people grasp what these Hispanic cultures are and what they’re about.”

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