SGA takes on campus issues; Deborah Wilkins speaks


The fourth meeting of the 21st senate was called into order on Tuesday, Sept. 14. During the meeting, the senate voted unanimously for four senate members, two judicial council members and a director of academic and student affairs.

Jake Jones, News reporter

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday, Sept. 28 to tackle ongoing campus issues, such as food line problems and the mold concern at residence halls. 

The meeting began with guest speaker, Deborah Wilkins, Title IX coordinator at WKU, informing the SGA body on the importance of Title IX security, and the programs enacted to inform students on Title IX regulations. This included the implementation of a Title IX training program for greek life students, band students and those in the athletic department. 

The meeting continued with an address by President Matthew Wininger, congratulating the SGA body on a successful Hilltopper Hangout, which took place last Friday.

Executive Vice President Craighead addressed the pressing issues on campus, such as the mold accumulations in residence halls and the outrageously long food lines at DSU. 

“Our voice has been acknowledged,” Craighead said regarding the food lines, “Part of the problem stems from a lack of employment.” 

She went on to state that there are plans in the works for an SGA senator to stand on a restaurant groups committee, which may help enrich the communications between student voices and the restaurants on campus.

“We are working with HRL to find a solution for the mold problem, as well,” Craighead stated.

The first senate committee reports of the semester also took place during this week’s meeting.

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