OPINION: Why Microsoft Word sucks

Christina West, Commentary writer

Microsoft Word has become a ubiquitous word processor. It is often assumed that Word will be the medium to type, or at the least, submit assignments, which makes the wretched interface simply unavoidable.

Call me a boomer or blame the user all you want, but Microsoft Word sucks! I have been alive long enough to remember using Microsoft Word 2007. Needless to say, I have been using it for a long time, and yet it hasn’t gotten much easier to use. 

Word is an annoying word processor that has run its reign of terror for long enough. If your document requires anything more than the most basic formatting, you have likely experienced the rage-inducing rigidity of Microsoft Word. 


Formatting Confines 

I am trying to format a resume with a table (because apparently templates are highly frowned upon). This resulted in an extra blank page at the end of my document that refused to be deleted. 

Why? Because Word inserts space for a new paragraph automatically. That’s right. This is not a democracy. I had to switch my font size down to one point to remove it. You may be thinking that it’s just one step, but it’s still something I had to research how to do, and it’s a strange, roundabout way at that.   


Good luck inserting images into a word document. Text and images are like oil and water on Word. Inserting a picture results in a formatting chasm between text and image. One slight movement or size change and every carefully placed item is skewed into oblivion. 

Why can’t images just go where you want them to and stay put? Trust me, Microsoft. Text wrapping isn’t something I want to do. Ever.      

Creativity Intercepter 

Creativity and Word do not mix. Want to write a poem? Word will force you to conform to typical writing conventions with its constant spell check and automatic capitalization at the beginning of a new line. 

Word sucks all the fun out of drafting for the same reason. It is difficult to spitfire random thoughts when the grammar police are up your butt. Word might as well slap me with a ruler while it’s at it. 

Word sucks because it’s obnoxiously convoluted. It tries to be as all-encompassing as possible, but it just isn’t. Word processing is an instance where quality should supersede quantity of flashy features–many of which look outdated anyways. Seriously, SmartArt takes me straight back to elementary school.

Of course, there are alternatives. Google Docs is popular for its simple and convenient interface. You also don’t have to worry about where you save or whether it will sync between devices. Hopefully, Word will be usurped by an alternative. I will dance on its grave.

Commentary writer Christina West can be reached at [email protected].