Interim dean of student sends email about free speech on campus


Dr. Martha Sales is the executive Director of WKU’s Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC). The Mission of ISEC is to assist the university with recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented WKU students, according to their website.

Michael Crimmins, Reporter

Martha Sale, interim dean of students, sent out an email Friday, Oct. 22, about free speech and advocacy on campus. 

“As a public institution, WKU cannot restrict the content of those demonstrations, even when the message or visuals may be disturbing to some,” Sales said in the email. 

Sales wrote that the varying viewpoints displayed on this campus are important to help students navigate the complex issues and conflicting opinions of the world.

“Our positions are only advanced when we civilly engage in ways that move the discussion forward and respect the right of everyone to participate, even when those with opposing viewpoints do not afford the same courtesy,” Sales said.

Sales encouraged students to advocate for what issues are important to them so the conversion of viewpoints can move forward.

“I encourage all WKU students to engage in advocacy for those issues about which you are passionate,” Sales said.

Sales encouraged students looking for additional information about student activism to visit the Dean of Students website, the WKU student rights page and the student handbook.For a list of student organizations, and how to get involved click here.

If any student has additional questions, Sales said they should contact her office.

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