Sinitta’s ‘psychic’ connection with Simon Cowell

Sinitta’s ‘psychic’ connection with Simon Cowell


Sinitta claims she and Simon Cowell have a psychic connection.

The 53-year-old singer has remained friends with the music mogul since their relationship ended several decades ago and she has insisted they are so close, he knows when there’s something wrong with her without her having to tell him.

Recalling when she had coronavirus last year, she told new! magazine: “I answered the phone and [Simon] just said, ‘You’ve got the virus haven’t you?’

“He didn’t even say hello! He said he just knew something was wrong. We ended up laughing because I thought it was so sweet.

“He told me he can always tell when something is wrong with me. It’s almost like we’re twins.”

Sinitta and Simon – who has seven-year-old son Eric with partner Lauren Silverman – spent Christmas together in Barbados and the ‘So Macho’ singer was relieved to finally see her pal in person for the first time since he broke his back in an electric bike accident last summer.

She said: “I got to see him at Christmas. We went to Barbados and I accepted it because I felt like I needed to see him in person.

“When he broke his back, under any normal circumstances, I would have been on the first plane over.

“But I knew that even if I went I wouldn’t be able to see him because of COVID. It was such a weird year…

“It was so lovely to see them and all of us had dinner together a few times.

“But it was so important for us to see each other in person because he knew I’d been ill and I think he was playing his injury down so I didn’t worry.

“I needed to see him with my own eyes. I wanted to know he was still the sarcastic and silly Simon we all know and love. I knew then I could stop worrying about him.”

Sinitta is thankful her pal is now in better shape than ever.

She said: “Every time we spoke I would be telling him to let himself heal. But he’s great, he’s fitter now than he was before.”