ISEC assistant director speaks at SGA meeting


Jake Jones

Lamario Moore, assistant director at Intercultural Student Engagement Center, spoke at the Student Government Association on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021.

Jake Jones, News reporter

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday Nov. 9 to debate bills and welcome guest speaker Lamario Moore to discuss the Intercultural Student Engagement Center with SGA senators.

Lamario Moore, assistant director at ISEC, came to discuss what the organization does for students and how the SGA body can do their fair share to help out.

“Improving the relationship between SGA and ISEC is pivotal. This can be as simple as just showing up,” Moore said. 

The major goal of ISEC is to provide assistance for students in marginalized communities. This includes providing tutoring services, financial aid and the celebration of cultural heritage months.

 “We are the one-stop shop for students in minority communities,” Moore said.

President Matthew Wininger expressed his interest in attending a rally for higher education in Frankfort next February. 

Executive Vice President MeLon Craighead announced progress in the creation of a new university committee for the WKU Restaurant Group. 

Director of Public Relations Alexis Courtenay announced plans for a holiday SGA dinner with SGA alumni.

Bill 10.21f was proposed at this week’s meeting. It regarded a change in bylaws. The bill passed with unanimous consent.

Bill 11.21f was also proposed, regarding funding for the Chinese club. The bill passed with unanimous consent.

Resolution 2.21f was the only resolution proposed. The resolution was set forth to give a gift basket to veterans at a veteran’s day wreath laying ceremony. This would help SGA show support for veterans in the local area. The resolution passed with unanimous consent.

The final bill proposed at this week’s meeting was bill 12.21f, which sought to procure funds for 3 250$ scholarships at an upcoming job fair, sponsored by the Advising and Career Development Center. The bill was passed after a long debate on the bill’s contents took place. 

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