OPINION: What your zodiac sign says about your favorite spot on WKU’s campus

Rose Donnelly, Commentary writer

Whether you’re a TikTok fiend or an indie astrologist, you are probably a little too invested in zodiac signs. 

With my nonexistent knowledge of astrology, here is your favorite spot on WKU’s campus based off of your zodiac sign. 

Aquarius – Guthrie Overlook

You’re one with the water. You like how people are all connected in a web of feelings. You see your life as one fluid motion of ups and downs. Your sporadic tendencies make you appreciate the fluidity and inconsistency of the fountain in Guthrie Overlook. 

Capricorn – HCIC

You’re an overachiever. You want everything in life and you don’t shy away from the fight. You dedicate yourself to your studies and extracurriculars. You love academics and when you aren’t finding a cure for cancer, you spend your time in your favorite spot, the Honors college and international center building. 

Pisces – The Colonnades

You’re seclusive and an empath. You want to feel everyone’s joy, pain and sorrow. You’re an energy vampire, but instead of draining others, you drain yourself. You love sitting at The Colonnades to ‘people watch’. 

Sagittarius – Campus Life

You’re all over the place, you can’t stay still. You walk around campus looking at the colorful leaves and fellow students enjoy the fall weather. You can’t just love one spot on campus, you love all of WKU; wanting to experience and share it with your friends. The life you see on campus fuels you. It makes you whole.

Taurus – Centennial Mall

You’re one with nature. You’re earthy but in a stinky way. You’re down to earth way of life can be a little more literal than just a vague astrology statement. You spend most of your time on South Lawn doing homework and in the spring you set up a hammock in the cherry trees.

Leo – Cherry Hall

You’re fearless. You move around life by your own rhythm and don’t follow the mainstream. You’re attracted to the animal instinct of human nature. You like sitting at Cherry Hall and watching the squirrels weave in and out of the tree branches. 

Virgo – Greek House

You think you’re basically royalty. You want everyone to know that you’re better than them, so you over extend yourself through the classes and organizations you’re a part of. You spend every waking moment outside of class in your sorority house trying to be Queen Bee.

Scorpio – PS1

You’re edgy and want everyone to know it. You don’t like to attach yourself to anyone and want to seem invincible. Your favorite spot is in PS1, skateboarding at 2 a.m. all by yourself. You secretly hope someone will see you and think you’re mysterious and cool.

Gemini – Bedroom 

You’re crazy. You like to think that you’re a ‘crackhead’ and quirky. You love a good time and lots of social interaction, but the reality is at the end of the day, your favorite spot is your own bed. 

Libra – DSU 

You’re loud and proud. You are the person that drives around with your windows down and your music on full blast. It’s crappy pop music from the early 2000’s, but you think it’s poetry. You love to be the center of attention. You’re strong willed and you want everyone to know it. You love being in DSU and having the loudest conversations.

Cancer – Garrett Construction Site

You’re an emotional wreck and feel like you’re falling apart. You really resonate with the Garrett construction site. You are the rubble and your thoughts are the bulldozer. 

Aries – FAC Art Exhibits

You love to pick a good fight. You’re red (Taylor’s version) with passion. You want to experience the most intense parts of life, but you’re secretly sensitive and reserved. You try so hard to make everyone like you that you end up hurting yourself in the process. Your favorite spot is the art exhibit in FAC because you feel one with the art. You are the chaos and the peace.

Commentary writer Rose Donnelly can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @RoseDonnelly_