OPINION: 5 of the best movies on Netflix right now


“Inside” movie poster.

Ethan Petrie, Commentary writer

As the semester comes to a close and workload from classes becomes ever more heavy, here are a couple movie recommendations for the best films on Netflix to wind down with.

“Bo Burnham: Inside”  

Bo Burnham really made his magnum opus here with this captivating movie that only came out a few months ago. This is a movie completely made by Bo, meaning he wrote, directed, filmed and edited the entire project. 

He created such a beautiful work of art at the worst time for content creators, that being the pandemic. Somehow with his extremely creative mind, he put together a movie representation of an existential crisis, yet maintained a sense of comedy.. This is unlike anything I have ever seen and will probably be the same for you.

“The Florida Project” 

If you are trying to watch something that will tear at your heartstrings, this is the one for you. This movie is set in modern day Orlando, Florida in an impoverished apartment complex outside of Disney World. 

 The movie follows three young children as they each battle rough lifestyles. The main character, Moonee, lives with her single mother who is in and out of abusive relationships and is very distant as a parent. We watch as the young girl learns and grows in this dark, scary reality.

“Django Unchained” movie poster.

“Django Unchained” 

If you have never seen a Tarantino movie yet, you are in for a ride with this one. This hyper violent, action based movie is just as fun as it is serious. 

The movie takes place during the middle of the 1800s, a few years before the Civil War. The main character of the movie is a slave named Django who is accompanied by a German bounty hunter on their quest to find and kill the horrific Brittle brothers and a whole bunch of wanted criminals.

“There Will Be Blood” 

This is in my opinion Paul Thomas Anderson’s best movie he’s made so far. The scale of this movie is epic and I wish everyone could have seen it in theatres, but since it’s only on Netflix, try and find the biggest tv screen possible to watch it. 

This movie takes place during the cusp of the 20th century and follows a man who moves to a plot of land in California with an overload of oil that he then capitalizes on. The main story is about the psychological battle between a preacher named Eli and the silver miner turned oil prospector, Daniel. 

“Marriage Story” 

“Marriage Story” movie poster.

For the number one spot on my list we have one of my all time favorite movies, “Marriage Story”. This is a very well casted movie with the two main allstars, Scarlett Johanssan and Adam Driver, both delivering insanely good performances. 

This movie is about a couple dealing with an unhealthy marriage and eventual divorce. The best parts of this movie are the slow, long, uncut scenes that deliver such a raw and realistic feeling to it. Especially the scenes that consist of both Scarlet and Adam’s characters as the tension between the two rises. 

No movie leaves you with the feeling that this one does. It is definitely not a film for anyone looking for a fun action packed movie, this is for someone looking for the most realistic depictions of divorce and loneliness. 

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