Corinne Murphy speaks at SGA meeting


Jake Jones, News reporter

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday Nov. 17 to discuss bills, introduce new senate committee nominations and to invite Corinne Murphy to speak to senators about the many things the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences does for students on campus.

Murphy is the Dean of CEBS. She came to talk to SGA senators about what CEBS has done for students at WKU and what is offered through the college’s many programs. She provided information regarding the academic and service units of CEBS.

She also discussed the student life cycle and the importance of reaching a pillar of success at WKU.

“What do we as a college do? We look at you, and your overall experience here on the hill,” Murphy said. 

Following Murphy’s presentation, the bulk of the meeting continued with an announcement from Executive Vice President Me’Lon Craighead. She announced new senate committee nominations, two of which were for the newly established restaurant group committee. All new senate committee nominees were voted in with unanimous consent. 

Resolution 3.21f was proposed at this senate meeting, which involved the stopping of predatory student loans for first year students. This comes in light of State Representative Patti Minter’s recent visit to SGA, procuring this exact matter. The resolution did not pass during this week’s meeting, and with a 17-16 vote, debate was rescheduled to the next SGA meeting regarding the passage of the resolution. 

Lastly, Bill 13.21f was proposed, which regarded a $350 fund to set up a tabling event where SGA senators could provide stress relief activities in preparation for upcoming finals. Bill 13.21f passed by an overwhelming margin.

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