Political Science Professor Jeffery Budziak discusses critical race theory at SGA meeting


Jake Jones, News reporter

Editor’s note: A earlier version of this story had an incorrect quote. The quote has since been corrected. The Herald regrets the error.

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday Nov. 23 via zoom to discuss the passing of bills and to invite Jeffery Budziak to speak as this week’s guest speaker.

Jeffery Budziak, associate professor in the department of political science, came to talk to SGA about critical race theory and what it really means. He went in depth on the history of civil rights and how it correlates with critical race theory. 

“There’s not a lot of perspective from people of color when it comes to recording history. I think it’s important that we focus on this lens of critical race theory,” Budziak said.

Budziak went largely into how teaching critical race theory can help students at WKU specifically.

 “I ask students if they think that we should teach critical race theory in class. The response is mixed, at best. I don’t think any class can accurately have a conversation on the judicial process without tackling this angle,” Budziak said.

After Budziak’s departure, WKU junior Andre Swai introduced himself as a student speaker, backing up Budziak’s previous points on critical race theory.

“I’m a student here at Western, and the teaching of critical race theory is important in creating a safe space on campus. It’s sad that some professors do not understand the theory, and it’s time to change that,” Swai said. 

Resolution 3.21f was reintroduced during this week’s SGA meeting. Resolution 3.21f was introduced in last week’s SGA meeting, and sought out to put a stop to predatory student loans. It was met with heavy criticism, and debate on the bill was rescheduled to this week’s meeting by a narrow 17-16 vote. 

After a discussion on the resolution, the resolution passed with 17 senators voting yea, 8 voting nay, and 4 senators abstaining. Resolution 6.21f passed.

Resolution 6.21f was introduced during the meeting. The purpose of the resolution was to require title IX training for everyone on campus. This includes all students currently enrolled at WKU, and WKU faculty. Resolution 6.21f passed by an overwhelming margin. 

Resolution 7.21f was the final resolution introduced during this week’s SGA meeting. Resolution 7.21f sought to ensure that critical race theory is taught at WKU. It ensures that WKU teaches critical race theory accurately. The voting and debate on this resolution was rescheduled to the next meeting in the interest of time.

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