‘He had the biggest heart’: Candlelight vigil honors WKU student Logan McKnight


Arthur Trickett-Wile

Logan McKnight, an 18-year-old WKU freshman from Dawson Springs, died on Wednesday, Nov. 24 of 2021 following a car accident the previous day. The following week, Monday evening, Nov. 29, his friends and family held a candlelight vigil by Guthrie Bell tower on campus in his memory. Here, attendants assist one another in lighting candles.

Alexandria Anderson, News reporter

A candlelit vigil was held to honor WKU student Logan McKnight on Monday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. at the Guthrie Bell Tower. McKnight passed away on Wednesday, Nov. 24 following a car accident the previous night. His closest friends and family reached out to host a vigil to celebrate his life.

McKnight was a first-year electrical engineering student who was a member of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Living Learning Community and a resident of Regents Hall. 

He was described by his closest friends at the vigil as fun-loving, constantly smiling and big hearted and as someone that would always bring excitement wherever he went.

McKnight was a 2021 graduate of Dawson Springs High School, where he played many different sports. He also involved himself in hobbies outside of school, with his most loved being deer hunting. 

The vigil was planned by fellow Regents Hall residents, Shelby Luckenbill and Makinlee Watters who were close with McKnight.

“He made college feel like how college was supposed to [feel],” Luckenbill said. “He smiled all the time; he always had a smile on his face. He had the biggest heart. I know a lot of people say that, but it truly was for him.”

Tables were set up holding photos, flowers and items to remember McKnight. Luckenbill and Watters also shared their fondest memories with McKnight.

“I think the one I remember most is how we used to always sing ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical at the top of our lungs. That was always so fun,” Watters said. “The amount of noise complaints we got on a daily basis was crazy. We’d also get on rollie chairs and race down the halls. He was just so much fun, always smiling.”

Friends and family were given the opportunity to speak at the vigil in honor of McKnight. Luckenbill spoke of her memories with him and the impact he had on his friends and family.

He smiled all the time; he always had a smile on his face. He had the biggest heart. I know a lot of people say that, but it truly was for him.”

— Shelby Luckenbill

“I just wanted to share a little bit of the impact Logan had on our lives and on Annabelle and Makinlee. He always had them laughing and smiling and singing at the top of their lungs,” Luckenbill said. “He had the biggest heart, and a lot of people say that but it’s really true for him. If he were here, I would thank him for the love that he showed them.”

Allen Ross, McKnight’s roommate, also shared his favorite memory and love he has for McKnight.

“He was probably the funniest person you would ever meet,” Ross said. “Every night we would just stay up talking about random shit, just shower thoughts, stuff like that. That’s probably going to be one of the best memories. It’s going to be so different without him, man I loved him.”

The vigil concluded with the lighting of everyone’s candles and a moment of silence for McKnight. Those in attendance were welcomed to stay and talk about their memories of him, as well as write well wishes to be sent to his family.

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