Will.i.am designs “sci-fi” face mask

Will.i.am designs “sci-fi” face mask


Will.i.am has designed a futuristic face mask.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman has teamed up with costume designer Jose Fernandez and engineering company Honeywell to create the high-tech Xupermask that protects people from COVID-19.

It features a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration system and a filter port to protect against the virus and prevent common annoyances such as foggy glasses, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, LED day glow lights, multi-functioning button controls and a magnetic earbud docking system which is all powered by a 7-hour battery.

Announcing his creation, Will.i.am told PEOPLE: “I thought about all the pain points that people have with masks and earbuds and how earbuds were not designed to pick up the voice of people that have fabric in front of their mouth.

“People have to take the mask off and put themselves at risk. [With Xupermask], you could literally whisper on a bike on a Zoom, and they hear you perfectly fine because we block off the wind and we block out the noise and block out the germs.”

The 46-year-old rapper also added that he intended for the design to look like it came from a sci-fi film although the target consumer was originally the “sneaker head.”

He explained: “We designed it for that perspective of collecting and ‘drop culture. It’s for that collector, that traveler. The price point is not astronomical … within the same price or just a little above AirPod Pros.

“Jose was my go-to person for anything future pushing. When it was time to make this product, I would say, ‘Let’s make something that actually has functionality but then also looks like it’s something that came out of a sci-fi film. Let’s bring the future now.'”