SGA passes course syllabi clause, discusses new crosswalks, ‘Great Gatsby’ formal


Arthur H. Trickett-Wile

Members of WKU’s Student Government Association meet on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 18 2022, at the Student Senate Chambers on the second floor of Downing Student Union. Here, members listen as a member of the executive branch speaks from the podium.

Makaio Smith, News reporter

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article featured an incorrect name. The Herald regrets the error.

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday, Feb. 15 to discuss donations towards a semester’s end formal event, potential new crosswalk locations and a new requirement for SGA members to meet with both the Counseling Center and Title IX Coordinators once per semester.

Kaleb Ridgeway, an activity coordinator of the Campus Activities Board, asked for support from SGA towards a “Great Gatsby” themed formal on Friday, April 22. The overall cost of the event would be $14,000 total and Ridgeway asked SGA for $1,000 to $2,000. 

Ridgeway said he hopes to coordinate with larger campus organizations. The event would be free to all WKU students.

SGA approved the creation of a task force for the iWKU app, petitioned by Me’lon Craighead, executive vice president. Craighead will appoint a chairman next week. 

Senator Shelby Robertson, committee head for the enrollment and student experience, announced that vouchers for student teeth cleaning were made for the event along with a handout sheet including information about what to expect for the appointments. 

Bill 6-22-S requires a committee chair or delegate to meet with the director of the Counseling Center and the Title IX Coordinator at least “once per semester.” It was approved.

Resolution 3-22-S, resolution 4-22-S and resolution 5-22-S all revolved around new crosswalks being painted in areas where pedestrians are likely to cross the roads, including below the Van Meter green space, in front of 1600 Chestnut St. and near 1566 Normal St. The resolutions were approved by SGA by unanimous vote.

“I think our job here is to make sure that there is safety [for] all of our students,” Senator Addison McCoun said. “I also think it’s really important to talk about the students who live in the High Street Village apartments”

Resolution 6-22-S is to “support the addition of an SGA related clause to Course Syllabi.” The statement would include details about SGA meeting times, where the SGA office is located and the overall goal of SGA. 

“The Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University is the premier organization to develop, represent and advocate for the entire body at WKU,” the statement said. “We believe all students regardless of who they are, or where they come from deserve a university community that values and respects their voices and lives. SGA actively seeks opportunities to improve campus life, including safety, affordability, sustainability, inclusion and other endeavors necessary to enhance the quality of student life.”

The resolution was passed unanimously and will be the first of its kind in SGA history. 

Bill 12-22-S asks for “funding for the creation of an SGA-sponsored workshop in coordination with the WKU Center of Financial Success”. The bill was passed in a unanimous vote.

“I think it’s a great opportunity as far as getting to partner with the Center for Financial Success,” senator Caleb Collins said. “…for us to offer an opportunity like this, for students to come in and learn about these important things at no cost to them.”

This will be an SGA sponsored event that will be coordinated with the WKU Center of Financial Success on Thursday, Feb. 24th. 

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