Queen drummer Roger Taylor to redesign his garden with 20ft statue of Freddie Mercury

Queen drummer Roger Taylor to redesign his garden with 20ft statue of Freddie Mercury


Roger Taylor is set to install a statue of his late Queen bandmate Freddie Mercury in his garden.

The 71-year-old musician is currently undergoing a major garden makeover and plans to place a 20ft bronze sculpture of his bandmate Freddie – who passed away in 1991 – in the centre of the redesigned land.

The statue was previously used to promote the band’s musical, ‘We Will Rock You’, but will find a new home in Roger’s garden alongside a party terrace that will overlook the flowerbeds.

According to The Sun newspaper, Roger also plans to splash out on a luxurious pool house with a bar and jacuzzi, but needs planning permission for his garden ideas as his 18th century house in Surrey is in a conservation area.

The drummer previously tried to place the statue in his rockery without first getting the approval of his local council, and although it landed him in hot water, he was later granted permission.

In an interview, he said: “It was in a warehouse, costing money, so I said ‘why don’t they just put it on a lorry and bring it here, and we’ll put it in the garden?’ I also thought it would be very funny to have the statue there and I think Freddie would have found it hilarious.”

Meanwhile, fellow Queen member Brian May is also a keen gardener, and recently revealed tending to his flowers has helped him beat depression following his recovery from the heart attack and stomach haemorrhage he suffered last year.

He said in February: “It’s central to life.

“I’m conscious that I’m so lucky to have greenery around me – without it I think my brain would explode. It helps me balance.

“I’m naturally a depressive, I’m not a cup-half-full person. I’m someone who tends to feel problems very close-up and gardening is such a help, it’s one of life’s great therapies.”