WKU announces new course material model ‘Big Red Backpack’

Jake Moore, Content editor

WKU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Bud Fischer announced via email on Monday a new model for accessing course materials in the fall of 2022.

According to Fischer, the program is a result of Student Government Association talks to make course materials more affordable for students by combining different texts together for each class into one purchase. 

Through our partnership with Barnes & Noble College, Western Kentucky University is moving to a new course material model that will reduce the cost of materials for all students and help ensure they have their materials across all courses prior to the first day of class,” the email states.

Students will receive their materials “by the first day of class” at a cost of $24 per credit hour. Students are able to opt out of the service. 

According to the announcement, the program provides “full faculty freedom in selecting the right print or digital material for your course.”

“All required course materials, from all publishers, in your preferred format are included in the program. There are no restrictions in the course materials you select for your course,” the email states.

Faculty are instructed to select their required materials before the course material adoption deadline on April 15.

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