Summer construction includes hilltop restoration, new parking lot.


Makaio Smith, Staff Writer

Several construction projects have already gotten started after most of the WKU community transitioned into summer time.

The Facilities Management department, along with Planning, Design and Construction, are currently working on six main projects, said Bryan Russell, WKU’s chief facilities officer. 

He said they hope to complete these projects before the fall 2022 semester starts.

The projects include: parking lot improvements, Hilltop restoration project, Fine Arts Center improvements, and renovation of the African American Museum, steam line projects and roofing projects.

While these repairs are going on, people passing by won’t be able to see the work from the ground, Russell said.

In the Hilltop Lot accommodations for the American with Disabilities Act will be added, this will include access and walkways.

More ADA access paths will be added all around campus near several academic buildings and residential buildings.

There will also be a new parking lot constructed on Normal Street just south Mimosa Point parking lot and improvements to the Hilltop Lot.

The Hilltop Restoration Project will be started by filling the void left by the removal of the Garrett Conference Center. 

“The project goal is providing our campus with more green space, gathering spaces, ADA  walkways, ADA access to the back of Cherry Hall, and reducing vehicular and pedestrian traffic,” Russell said.

In FAC, heating, ventilation,and air conditioning equipment will be added to the ceramic lab to improve the indoor air quality, Russell said.

Due to damage from the December tornadoes, there will be a full renovation of the African American Museum. 

The steam line projects involve repairing or replacing nine steam pipes locations around campus. This is due to the aging of these infrastructure that were originally built in 1967.

Roofing repairs will take place on Diddle Arena, Van Meter Hall, Gordon Wilson Hall, the Industrial Education Building and Environmental, Health and Safety. 

While these repairs are going on, people passing by won’t be able to see the work from the ground, Russell said.

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