Hilltop Drive closes as road work starts remaking traffic on top of the Hill


Makaio Smith

The gravel road Parking an Transportation Services laid out for vehicular usage.

Makaio Smith, Staff Writer

Hilltop Drive closed on Monday for two weeks as major roadwork got under way to reconfigure traffic on top of WKU’s Hill. 

During the two weeks, according to a Parking and Transportation Services announcement, Hilltop Drive will be widened to two driving lanes as WKU remakes roadways on the Hill to reduce conflicts between walkers and drivers and to open green space where Garrett Conference Center once stood. 

Workers will widen Hilltop Drive between Van Meter Hall and the Guthrie Fountain to allow two-way traffic. 

Construction workers will be moving back the sidewalk and the steps in front of Vanmeter and the fountain far enough to allow room for two-way traffic. Installing a new speed table – a raised area of asphalt designed to slow traffic – will also be a part of the project, Dennis Cain, WKU parking manager, said in an email.

While Hilltop Drive is closed, Colonnade Drive off College Heights Boulevard is reopened as a temporary access to the top of the Hill.  

People can still access the Potter parking lot during this road project and exit the Hill via Faculty House Drive.

  • Vehicles on Colonnade Drive will make a left turn just past the Colonnade and proceed up the new gravel drive leading to Old Fort parking lot. That drive will eventually be paved and become permanent.
  • At the top of the gravel drive, individuals will turn left to enter the Old Fort lot.
  • Vehicles leaving Potter Lot will exit via the Colonnade/gravel drive and make a right turn before Old Fort and exit using Faculty House Drive to State Street
    Blueprint plans for the new road configuration.


 When the project is completed Colonnade Drive will be closed and the new “Hilltop loop” circulation pattern will be permanently established, Cain said in an email.


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