Joel Corry slid into RAYE’s DMs

Joel Corry slid into RAYE’s DMs


Joel Corry slid into RAYE’s DMs.

The 31-year-old DJ approached RAYE, 23, via social media to ask her to collaborate on the song ‘Bed’ with David Guetta and said he is the “DM king”.

Speaking on Smallzy’s ‘Celebrity Small Talk’, RAYE said: “He slid into my DMs.”

Joel added: “You know me, I’m the DM king. The song is a babymaking banger. There’s gonna be a rise in the population, all down to me.”

Meanwhile, Joel previously spoke about how he persuaded RAYE to work on the song.

He told Flaunt magazine: “Last summer, I was in a studio session playing some demos, and heard RAYE’s, the vocalist on ‘BED’. I played about 10 of them, one of them was the ‘BED’ idea. It was just a chorus with some chords behind it. As soon as I heard it, I was attracted to the lyrics straightaway. They were fun and interesting, a bit of cheekiness about them which I liked. The melody and the hook got me, they were so catchy. That evening, I slid into RAYE’s DM’s on Instagram like ‘yo RAYE, I heard this sick ‘BED’ idea’. I’ve got a vision for this record, immediately I had it ready. I said ‘please, can I get you in the studio because I need to work on this? I know it could be massive’. She came back to me and said ‘yeah, I’d love to work on this with you. Oh I wrote this idea with David Guetta, we write a lot together’.”

And Joel then sent David an email to ask him to get involved.

He said: “I sent him a nice email. He knew who I was, because he was a fan of ‘Head & Heart.’ He ended up doing a remix of ‘Head & Heart’ under his Jack Black alias, which is his underground sound. So I wrote him and he said ‘Definitely, let’s go!’ A week later, I was in the studio with RAYE working on ‘BED’. I did my production, developed the rest of the song, writing the rest of the track. That was last June, this record came out at the end of February. That shows you how long the process was. A lot of hard work went into this, a lot of love and a lot of my time. But it’s always worth it in the end. I’m happy it’s out now, it feels great.”