Nicky Hilton Rothschild: I consider myself pretty eco-conscious

Nicky Hilton Rothschild: I consider myself pretty eco-conscious


Nicky Hilton Rothschild tries to be a more conscious shopper.

The socialite – who has designed a sustainable shoe collection with French Soles – does her bit every day by trying to lead a “more sustainable life”.

She said: “I try and lead a more sustainable life every day. I consider myself a pretty eco-conscious person—I’m not perfect, but I try and do my part. Even doing small things: like bringing reusable bags to the market, turning lights off when I leave the room, buying sustainable products.”

The Hilton hotels heiress makes sure to read the labels to check the ingredients going into the products she buys and likes to know how they’ve been made.

She added to The Daily Front Row: “Absolutely! I think now, more than ever, people are shopping with a purpose and they’re really looking at the labels, ingredients, where it’s made, what’s in it, and if it’s organic. I’m always interested in the backstory of a company and interested in learning where it’s made, what’s in it, and who’s making it.”

Nicky joined forces with her longtime friend Amanda Hearst Rønning – the great-grandaughter of business mogul William Randolph Hearst Sr. – on the French Sole’s line, which includes ballet flats made from vegan microfibre.

Nicky said recently : “I know that the word sustainable has become such a buzzword, and I made it very clear to French Sole that the shoes were to be 100 percent sustainable, not partially.

“During the summer, I live in cotton dresses, silk dresses, cut-off jean shorts, a button down, so I really wanted something easy, fun and comfortable to pair with that.”

The footwear is named after influential women in Nicky’s life.

She added: “When I’m designing collections, I always name pieces after women that I admire.”