OPINION: Songs to listen to during fall break

DJ Stover, Commentary writer

It’s that time of year again, and I don’t mean the time for worrying about what you got on that exam or thinking about how to ration out your meal swipes, even though we’re all feeling those. I mean the time for fall.

Even though it may not seem like it with these back and forth temperatures (we can thank global warming for that), fall is officially here. With the falling leaves and colorful trees, we all have something to look forward to now.

One great thing about being a college student during the fall season is fall break. Our fall break is from Oct. 13-14, so we get a couple days to worry about nothing and to lay in bed and be lazy like we’ve wanted to do during the school week.


While most may have plans to travel and get away, others may just be at home playing Minecraft or Call of Duty or even relaxing and sleeping. Wherever you may be during fall break, take a listen to this fresh list of songs that give off that fall vibe!

#4 – “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young 

I was first introduced to this song back in high school by my choir director. She played it at the end of class one day and as the music started playing, I instantly fell in love.

Neil Young wrote “Harvest Moon” as a tribute for his then-wife Pegi. To me, there are some interpretations of this song, but my takeaway is enjoy your time with your lover. Appreciate love, just as Young did. As the song says, “go dance under the full moon.”

There’s something about “Harvest Moon” that has that fall vibe to it.

According to NASA, the term “harvest moon” refers to the full, bright moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, which is the official start of autumn. That, along with the chorus “Because I’m still in love with you/On this harvest moon,” it’s most likely to be associated with fall. 

Also, the background music and instrumentals used in the song give off that vibe. The guitar and how laid back and chill it is also adds to that. The music video also gives off that fall aesthetic.

It doesn’t have to be fall to listen to the song, so go ahead and add it to your playlist and listen whenever! 

#3 – “we fell in love in october” by girl in red

I didn’t start listening to girl in red until a year ago, but I’m glad I did. Her vocals are always amazing and the style of music is just what I love. 

Besides “Serotonin” and “Midnight Love,” along with some others, one song that I really love, and one that I would most associate with fall, is “we fell in love in october.”

First off, just from the title you could tell it’s a fall love song, and it most certainly delivers. girl in red’s vocals in the song are the definition of exquisite and the music and instrumental give the song life. 

All throughout the song, I kept thinking that I could see this in a coming of age love story that’s set in the fall time. This song playing at the end as the main character and their lover fall into a pile of leaves or something to that effect.

Honestly, besides the song, I associate girl in red with fall overall. Just her music, her music videos and her overall aesthetic just seem like autumn. 

#2 – “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood 

Dubbed the “Bi anthem” by many, “Sweater Weather” took the world by storm, with the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) declaring it 9x platinum, meaning it has sold over nine million copies worldwide.

If you heard this song, you would understand why it has, but if you haven’t, well you’re in for a treat.

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood is the perfect example of an amazing indie song, and the perfect example of a song that gives off fall vibes. 

When I hear this song, it instantly reminds me of fall, with its beat and instruments playing as the vocals play over. Another thing that reminds me of that fall vibe is the lyrics. The chorus, “‘Cause it’s too cold/For you here/And now, let me hold/Both your hands in the holes of my sweater.” 

There’s only one season where it gets cold enough to wear sweaters: fall. 

Even though the music video consists of driving around and having fun with friends during the summer (presumably), the song definitely gives off more of a fall vibe.

#1 – “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift 

“The Best Day” is the twelfth track from Taylor Swift’s second album “Fearless” that came out in 2008, and boy is it a goodie. 

This song is basically a love letter that’s dedicated to her mother, Andrea Swift. In the song, Taylor reminisces on being five years old and growing up with her mom and father.

Swift wrote and recorded this song without her mother knowing and finished it in time to present it as a Christmas present for her mom, who broke down crying when she first heard it. Fun fact, Taylor had to drop this song from her “Fearless” tour set because her mom would break down crying every time she heard it. 

What makes this a fall song though? Well, there are many reasons. 

Taylor mentions fall all throughout the song. In the opening lines, she talks about how she’s five and how it’s cold out so she has her big coat on. Later, she starts talking about running past the pumpkin patch, and going on tractor rides, something you would only do during the fall time. 

In another line, Taylor talks about not knowing why all the trees change in the fall, but as she grows up, she does: “and now I know why all the trees change in the fall.”

Besides the lyrics and the overall music that contributes to “The Best Day” feeling like a fall song, the music video for Taylor’s re-recording of the song completes the overall aesthetic. It’s a lyric video, but it’s complete with home footage of Taylor’s childhood growing up. Most of the home footage just gives off that fall aesthetic vibe. 

So, as you settle back and relax on your well deserved time off, go ahead and listen to these fantastic songs to get into that fall spirit. Even better, blast them as loud as you can to get your family into the spirit also. Don’t do that but if you are then be advised, it might make them either excited for fall or angry so play them at your discretion! 

Have a great and safe fall break Hilltoppers!

DJ Stover: Commentary writer DJ Stover can be reached at [email protected].