Matthew Morrison to become a dad again

Matthew Morrison to become a dad again


Matthew Morrison is to become a father for a second time.

The ‘Glee’ alum and his wife Renee Morrison are expecting a sibling for their three-year-old son Revel James Makai Morrison after a tough few years of miscarriages.

Sharing a video of him dancing, Matthew confirmed the news by adding a “baby loading” GIF on top of a clip of him cradling Renee’s baby bump.

Matthew previously revealed he strives to “keep the romance alive” in his marriage.

He said: “I am a romantic man and love keeping the romance alive. I think it’s so easy when you’re falling in love with someone, but keeping the romance alive over a long relationship is the hard part, and that’s where the work needs to come in. Fortunately, I don’t feel like it’s work for me. I’m always going to find ways to shower my partner with love.”Matthew had admitted welcoming their first child into the world in October 2017 was one of the “most romantic things” they’ve ever done.

Asked for an example of his romantic gestures, he said: “Well I gave her a baby! That’s a good love gift. I think the most romantic thing I have done is to just travel. I love seeing the world with my wife, and I like surprising her with trips when she doesn’t know where we are going. We’ll show up to an airport and I’ll try and keep it a surprise for as long as possible, sitting at the wrong gate until the real flight is about to take off, cutting it super fine. Then I’m instantly thinking of the next romantic gesture.”