WKU dance program to host ‘The Dance Project’

Molly Dobberstein, News reporter

The WKU dance program will host The Dance Project on Feb. 2-5, which features various performances of student choreographed works.

“WKU dance students choreograph and perform original pieces with unique stories and styles, featuring a variety of dance genres,” the WKU fine arts box office website said.

Student dancers and choreographers have been preparing for The Dance Project since last semester. The Dance Project requires students to be involved in all aspects of the production.


“We have been preparing since the beginning of the fall semester,” Jenna Lett, student choreographer, said. “We had auditions during the first week of school, and then we hit the ground running from there.”

The project includes many different genres and styles of dance, as well as different stories and concepts that are being explored by dancers, Lett said. 

“There are some quirky and fun pieces, as well as some with a more somber tone,” Lett said. 

Dancers and choreographers have been working on these projects since the fall semester, working to build a piece that shows the artistic style of the choreographer, Josie Kubala, another student choreographer, said.

“Choreographers start their work in the fall semester, although most choreographers have a concept and music for their piece before the school year begins,” Kubala said. “For me, I began prepping for The Dance Project the first week of school.”

Lett said some students were able to prepare pieces for the Choreography II class within the dance department while getting guidance and assistance from professors.

“Dance Project has given all of us the opportunity to not only experience the process of choreographing, but also the chance to network and connect with our peers in a new setting,” Lett said. 

Performances will be held in Gordon Wilson Lab Theater on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m., and tickets are $7. The performances will also be available on digital streaming Feb. 17-19 with a $5 screening fee. 

Tickets for in person performances and digital streaming can be found at the box office website

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