WKU Campus Recreation & Wellness hosts annual ‘Healthy Days’

Olivia Estep, News reporter

Healthy Days, the annual Western Kentucky University student health fair, was held on Tuesday, March 7 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Preston Center.

The event was hosted by WKU Campus Recreation & Wellness, specifically by WellU and Health Education and Promotion. It featured a variety of booths set up in the gymnasium that offered prizes and mini-games.

In addition to the health booths that students might expect to see, the fair included vendors such as the WKU Police Department, representatives from Lost River Cave in Bowling Green and students from WKU aquatic programs. These groups in particular were promoting their programs and letting students know they have access to various amenities.

“So many other groups are here so it just makes sense to advertise in this space,” Nick Norris, a student ambassador for the aquatic programs on campus, said. “A lot of people don’t even realize you can come swim in Preston.”

Students were able to learn from these groups and organizations about how to lead healthier lives while also participating in prizes drawings.

“I like what this event entails for all of the members that get to come by and just learn about their health and live a beneficial life,” Blake Mayfield, a graduate student, said. “They learn life tips, they learn about the counseling center and then they get to have a little fun and win door prizes while learning to enhance their life.”

This was the 21st annual health fair hosted for WKU students, according to Alissa Arnold, assistant director of health and fitness, who collaborated to help run the event.

“This is to remind students what resources we have,” Arnold said.

The goal of this fair was to inform students about the health services they have access to, not only on campus but off campus as well.

“I think Healthy Days at WKU is a hit,” Lauren Howe, a freshman photojournalism major, said. “I like the different booths and learning about different health and wellness things on and off campus. It’s a great way for me to gain more knowledge about these things, and I hope to see it next year.”

News reporter Olivia Estep can be reached at [email protected].