Student Success Center hosts Spring Celebration

Izzy Lanuza, News reporter

The Student Success Center hosted a Spring Celebration event on Tuesday, March 21 as a way to encourage students to explore the new space. 

The Spring Celebration is an all day event, and students are invited to stop by and partake in the activities throughout the day. 

“Students usually will partake just kind of at their own convenience, we will fill up more in between classes, lunch periods, and things like that,” Jonathan Hooker, organizer of the event, said.

Students are invited to stop by and participate in a number of activities at the event, such as taking photos at their photo booth.

“A theme we’ve been kind of running with is we have rubber duck hunts, some sort of candy guessing jar and an arts and crafts station,” Hooker said. 

The Student Success Center opened a year ago and is located on the first floor of Gary Ransdell Hall.

As a way to encourage students to explore the recently opened space, rubber ducks have been hidden around the Success Center. Students are encouraged to explore the center to find the colorful ducks, and some ducks have special prizes attached to them.

News reporter Izzy Lanuza can be reached at [email protected].