Sexual Assault Prevention Month committee hosts kickoff event

Bailey Reed, News reporter

The Sexual Assault Prevention Month Committee tabled on Downing Student Union courtyard on Monday, March 27 to raise awareness about preventing sexual assault, specifically on WKU’s campus. 

This committee is made up of staff from the WKU Counseling Center as well as various staff throughout the university and community. This event was a kickoff for the month of April as Sexual Assault Awareness month. Various other awareness events will also be held throughout April.

Ellie Nichol, a graduate assistant for the student wellness program, explained why sexual assault prevention month is important to acknowledge on a college campus. 

“I think it is important because it’s obviously something that happens a lot more than people think, especially on college campuses, and it’s something that we need to remind students that happens,” Nichol said.

Elizabeth Madariaga, WKU Counseling Center sexual assault services coordinator, reiterated the importance of educating students on sexual assault prevention. 

“It [sexual assault] is prevalent on a college campus, not just our campus, but all campuses across the country,” Madariaga said. “I think a lot of the time, students don’t think it could happen to them.”

As for resources students can access regarding these issues, Madariaga insists there are several great resources to be utilized. 

“On campus, there is the Title IX coordinator, and there is the office of student conduct, which is on the fourth floor of Potter Hall,” Madariaga said. “The counseling center is a great resource on campus as well.”

She also encouraged students who are unsure of where to go for these resources to tell a trusted adult who can connect them with the help they may need.

“Any professor you want to go to, any faculty staff members are great resources as well to get them [students] to the area they need to be, so they can have the choices that they want to make to make the best decision for them,” Madariaga said.

News reporter Bailey Reed can be reached at [email protected].