WKU School of Media approved for full re-accreditation


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An exploratory committee has submitted a report regarding a potential merger between WKU’s School of Media and Department of Communications that would, if approved, see both programs housed under one roof in Jody Richards Hall.

Debra Murray, Editor-in-Chief

The Association Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication voted to approve full re-accreditation for the WKU School of Media on Friday, April 28.

Earlier this semester, the accreditation council visited WKU from Jan. 22 to Jan. 24 and the council recommended that the School of Media be re-accredited.

ACEJMC currently accredits 117 professional programs in the United States and outside the country.

“We’re obviously thrilled with the decision,” Ron DeMarse, School of Media director said via email.

The ACEJMC Accrediting Council voted unanimously to approve full re-accreditation for the School of Media.

“A number of other very prominent journalism programs across the nation were not as fortunate,” DeMarse said. “I’m extremely grateful for the hard work of our faculty, as well as the support of our students, our alumni and our many affiliates and allied programs at WKU [including Student Publications!]. This may seem like a cliche or a platitude, but one of the things that clearly set us apart from other programs today was a unified affirmation that we’re moving in the right direction and our students are well-prepared for our industries and well-rounded in their education.”

The School of Media will have the option to become re-accredited again in five years.

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