Jody Richards Hall roofing project in progress


Alexandria Anderson

Scaffolding outside Jody Richards Hall due to a roofing construction project on Wednesday, May 10.

Alexandria Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

WKU is working on a roofing project for Jody Richards Hall that will be completed before the start of the fall semester.

The construction project will extend the “useful life” of Jody Richards Hall, as well as protect the facility and extend the roof warranty by 20 years, Bryan Russell, WKU chief facilities officer, said via email.

The university also has plans to complete construction on the top of the hill this summer, where traffic flow has been reconfigured and green space and pedestrian friendly areas have been added. 

Russell said the roofing project costs approximately $983,000, with funds coming from the WKU asset preservation pool allocation.

The project was planned for the summer in order to avoid disruptions to campus life and activities.

“Overall, scheduling construction projects during the summer is a strategic way for us to improve our infrastructure while minimizing disruption to academic activities and the campus community,” Russell said via email.

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