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ISEC hosts ‘Trap Grocery Bingo’ to kick off Black History Month celebration

Larkin Ivory
Students participate at the Intercultural Student Engagement Center’s “Trap Grocery Bingo” event on Wednesday, Jan. 24.

WKU Intercultural Student Engagement Center students met to compete in a culturally-themed grocery bingo game to win prizes on Wednesday, Jan. 24. 

Participants were able to win  a wide assortment of items, ranging from snacks and drinks to hair products and toiletries. However, students found more enjoyment in spending time together as a community and having the opportunities to be represented in their school.

Scholars spoke about the experience as a whole and explained how such events give them a sense of belonging here at the school.

“It means a lot to me, programs like ISEC and Why Knot Us get chances like this to show that we’re here and that we matter as people,” Derick Tarr, ISEC sophomore, said. 

Taisiia Maslenko, a student majoring in sociology, noted that the event gave her the chance to learn something new about other customs and traditions.

Grad student and event coordinator Tijuan Neal II highlighted the importance and reasoning behind granting groceries to winners of the competition.

“ISEC takes pride in their students, so we make sure to give back to our community by purchasing goods that our less fortunate students can use when they don’t have the most money or resources,” Neal said.

The night kicked off ISEC’s “Do It For The Culture” event schedule, which runs until the end of February. ISEC’s “Black Experience” event will take place on Jan. 31, showcasing performances and spotlighting the struggles many underrepresented people face as young adults in today’s environment.

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