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WKU Mahurin Honors College executive director announces move into hospice

WKU Mahurin Honors College executive director announces move into hospice
Clinton Lewis

Craig Cobane, executive director of the WKU Mahurin Honors College, announced on Feb. 12 he is moving into hospice and further stepping back from his role at the college.

Cobane was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, in March 2022. For the past two years, he has continued through surgeries and chemotherapy, but stated he is “at a point in my medical journey” where there are no additional new treatments available.

“Through conversations with my oncologist, my family and prayer, I have determined that it’s time to move into hospice,” Cobane said in the announcement video posted on Instagram. “Hospice is just a step in this journey where I rest more, I’m not taking any medical treatments, but we research and look for more. I will make it through this.” 

Therefore, he said he will be “even more pulling back” from his time at the MHC. Cobane thanked his MHC team and the work they do, as well as Rodney King, current interim associate director of the college.

“We are fortunate to have one of the strongest leadership teams I have ever had in my time here at WKU,” Cobane said. 

He discussed steadily increasing study abroad numbers and research opportunities from MHC scholars, as well as admissions visibility in more schools. 

“The honors college is in great shape,” Cobane said. “I am very confident that all the things that you expect and you remember from honors will take place.”

Cobane said although he will not be in the office as much as he has been in the past, he will be in the office a couple days a week.

“Keep doing the great work that you guys are doing, come in and see the honors team so they can help you do even greater work,” Cobane said. “Let’s do amazing things as an MHC community.”

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