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Black Student Alliance hosts “Diddle Arena Clean Up”


The Black Student Alliance hosted “Diddle Arena Clean Up” after the WKU v. UTEP men’s basketball game at Diddle Arena Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024. 

BSA helps promote inclusion and diversity among WKU students by providing safe spaces for black students on campus, partnering with other organizations like the Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC), and hosting events like “Diddle Arena Clean Up” that promote selfless service to WKU and the local community.

“BSA has been around since the 1970s and 1980s,” Treasure Wales, BSA president, said. “It’s important that BSA does this because we have a lot of visitors and people who pay to come to every game. We want to make sure that we welcome them with a clean space.”

Wales explained that BSA gives students a chance to do community service. 

Hannah Turner, chemistry major and co-director of university engagement of BSA, explained the impact being a member of BSA has had on her.

“I love working in a group setting,” Turner said. “I like being able to plan events and reach out to other organizations so that they can help us with our planning. I’ve also learned that I love to be creative. BSA is a great way to explore your creativity.”

Dayvon Woodard, sophomore public relations and marketing director of BSA, explained the positive impact BSA has had on his life.

“Last semester I was diagnosed with COVID-19,” said Woodard. “My team had to hold my back and do a lot of things for me. BSA taught me…that creating a safe space for others to be themselves is what we need on this campus.”

Woodard said that BSA had one more “Diddle Arena Clean Up” later this month. Woodard also added that BSA is planning to visit local nursing homes to spend time with elders later this semester.   

“Oftentimes, we do a lot in the community,” Turner said. “Sometimes, you just need to come back home and do it where it’s local, on our campus.”

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