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WKU Center for Financial Success presents ‘Money Skills’

Adin Parks
Georgetown finance senior Kaylie Wise presents about handling money during the “Money Skills” event on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

The WKU Center for Financial Success presented a “Money Skills” presentation to educate current students about financial literacy and better prepare them for their future at the Preston Center on Wednesday, Feb. 28. 

“When I tell college students ‘You’re not behind’, bringing them some peace of mind, and being able to use what I’ve learned has changed my life.” 

Before Wise began the presentation, Jacob Averitt, junior sports management major, shared some information about his program of study and his expectations of the presentation. 

“I’d like to get into facility management, specifically on the training side of things,” Averitt said. “I’m a personal trainer now and I would like to expand into my own space, eventually. I really want to manage my finances better and learn as much as I can.”

After the presentation, Alex Kratzer, senior elementary education major, explained what she learned.

“I learned mostly about life after college,” Kratzer said. “How student loans work, more so getting student loans paid off, when the interest actually occurs on your student loans so I can be aware of that.”

Candice Douglas, assistant director of facilities with the department of campus recreation and wellness; as the adviser for the student employee board, explained the benefits of events being hosted in the Preston Hall multipurpose room. 

“This room is a rental space within our community, but it is a perfect spot for multiple events that are used on campus,” Douglas said. “I’m happy that our students thought enough that this is something that they should put out for their peers as a free seminar to get them prepared for ‘adulting’ and life after college.”

Wise reflected on her love of teaching others on campus about finances.

“I like helping people,” Wise said. “Money is something everyone must use and it’s a huge stressor. It’s really beneficial to help someone with it and I find it interesting to learn about.”

She said she has recently received a lot of positive feedback from those she teaches.

“We have little forms [that] we send out after meetings,” Wise said. “Recently, everyone writes ‘Thank you so much, you’re literally amazing’ or ‘You just brought me so much peace of mind and I feel like I know what I’m doing now’. Every time I get one of those, my heart is just so happy.”

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