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Photos: Toppers for Liberty club hosts firearm safety training for new shooters

The Toppers for Liberty club hosted a gun safety training event at Sherwoods Guns indoor shooting range on March 9, in Bowling Green, Ky. 

Freshman Lily Supinski stands next to her first target littered with .22 caliber and 9mm bullet holes at Sherwood’s Guns in Bowling Green, Ky. on March 9, 2024. Supinski had never shot a gun prior to the Toppers for Liberty gun range event, she wanted to familiarize herself with gun safety and impress her parents with her knowledge of firearms. (Von Smith)
Freshman and first time shooter Lily Supinski aims a .22 caliber revolver at a bullseye target during Toppers for Liberty’s gun range event at Sherwood’s Gun’s indoor gun range in Bowling Green on March, 9, 2024. (Von Smith)

Club President Jacob Kilburn and another club member trained first-time shooter, freshman undeclared major Lily Supinski on various caliber handguns, including .22 to .38 caliber revolvers and a magazine-fed Glock 19 handgun. 

“We want everyone to enjoy shooting guns, but have respect for weapons,” Kilburn said before heading into the gun range.

Cub president Jacob Kilburn, left, demonstrates how a .22 caliber bullet fires while training first time shooter and freshman Lily Supinski on how to fire a handgun at Sherwood’s Guns indoor shooting range in Bowling Green on March, 9, 2024 (Von Smith)
Lily Supinksi holds a .223 caliber rifle round at Sherwood’s Gun’s indoor shooting range in Bowling Green on March, 9, 2024. .223 rounds are similarly sized to smaller .22 cartridges, but pack a much higher explosive power, propelling the pointed tip farther and faster than a .22 round. (Von Smith)

Supinski, an aspiring novelist and artist, had never fired a gun before the event. She described her first time firing a .22 revolver as being “surprised by the kickback and the power.” 

Toppers for Liberty hopes to educate others on how to be mindful around firearms and enjoy the sport of shooting safely.

Toppers for Liberty club president Jacob Kilburn discusses shot-grouping on a paper target of a home invader they had practiced on earlier with Western Kentucky University freshman and first time shooter Lily Supinski at Sherwood’s Guns in Bowling Green on March, 9, 2024 (Von Smith)
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