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WKU PCAL to host ‘We Stand With You’

Photo provided by WKU PCAL

WKU Potter College of Arts and Letters will host “We Stand With You,” an event tomorrow, March 27, outside of Cherry Hall from 6-8 p.m., with free Kona Ice will being provided to the first 300 attendees. 

The event is, “a space for meaningful conversation,” as promoted on the WKU PCAL Instagram

Merrall Llewelyn Price, professor of english and senior associate dean for PCAL explained how PCAL makes a continued effort to stand on top of their values of protecting academic freedom and encouraging a diverse and inclusive student body, faculty and staff.

“Though the decision to bring an extremely controversial figure to campus was not made or endorsed by the university, we nevertheless felt an obligation to remind the campus community that the university is a place where difficult discussions are had,” Price said. “Where thinking through complicated issues helps us grow and develop.” 

The event offers a space for respective and constructive discussion and for students to engage in critical thinking. 

PCAL is hopeful that “some will choose an alternative to contentiousness and come together in the spirit of openness and constructive exchange,” Price said. 

The event will not be formally structured and gives students the opportunity to engage in respectful dialogue if they wish. 

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