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WKU Office of Sustainability hosts ‘WKU Earth Day’

Ali Costellow
Elena Carder, junior history major (left), Jenna Wells, junior accounting and data analytics major (center left), Sophie Jerome, sophomore psychological sciences and criminology double major (center right), and Meredith Campbell, sophomore social work major (right) pick out Earth Day themed stickers at “WKU Earth Day” hosted by the WKU Office of Sustainability on Friday, April 19 in Centennial Mall.

Local businesses and campus organizations gathered at Centennial Mall and in front of DSU to celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 19. 

Students walked around from booth to booth and were able to learn about sustainability and different environmental issues. 

“The weather has a big thing to do with Earth Day, you know the earth, there’s weather all over the globe and our weather is changing because our Earth is changing,” Sam Taylor, president of White Squirrel Weather, said.

Big Red plays cornhole at the WKU Office of Sustainability’s “WKU Earth Day” on Friday, April 19 in Centennial Mall. Games such as cornhole and life-sized Jenga were available for attendees to play while at the event. (Ali Costellow)

Through some local businesses, participants could make a bouquet of flowers or pick up a potted plant. A WKU oceanography class presented their research at the event, and one group tackled coral bleaching. 

“When they’re [coral] stressed by changes in conditions such as increased temperature, lying or nutrients they expel their symbiotic algae living in their tissues, which gives them their color that causes them to turn completely white, leaving them more susceptible to diseases,”Mackenzie Senig, a student researcher, said. 

Senig also demonstrated how coral bleaching works with a sponge and food coloring, which showed how the color bleeds from coral due to bleaching. 

A baby goat attempts to eat Gabrielle Czuprynski’s, freshman nursing major, hair at “WKU Earth Day” on Friday, April 19 in Centennial Mall. Four goats from Kentuckiana Backyard Farms were present for attendees to pet and hold. (Ali Costellow)

Along with educational booths, there were food trucks and animals, which are typically found at the event every year.

“Everybody likes to come visit the alpacas, it’s always a good environment,” Shawna Gilbert, owner of Happy Herd Farm, said.

The WKU Office of Sustainability hosted “WKU Earth Day” in Centennial Mall on Friday, April 19. Many local vendors and food trucks were present, as well as several WKU organizations, who tabled at the event. (Ali Costellow)

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