Amy Schumer wears ‘fanciest dress’ to get COVID vaccine

Amy Schumer wears ‘fanciest dress’ to get COVID vaccine


Amy Schumer wore her “fanciest dress” to get her COVID-19 vaccine.

The ‘Trainwreck’ star was called up for her jab recently and documented the whole thing on her Instagram story, admitting she dressed up to the nines for the big day.

She wrote: “Wore my fanciest dress to get my vaccine (sic)”

In the clip, Amy can be seen wearing a glamorous gold sequinned outfit as she laughed and joked with the health care worker giving her the vaccine as well as fans who she snapped selfies with.

Meanwhile, Amy previously admitted she has had “the best” time at home with her son, 22-month-old Gene, and her husband Chris Fischer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She gushed: “It’s the best. We have chosen to do no screen time except for about 90 minutes every day when he watches television. I actually did the Today show today and he and I showed how he knows how to hail a taxi. He’s so good, and he’s starting to talk in full sentences. He doesn’t say any words but he has a lot of conviction. He’s basically me, because he uses his hands a lot.”

Amy turns 40 in June and she’s “excited” about hitting the milestone birthday.

Speaking about getting older, she added: “I feel really good. I’m excited to turn 40. ‘m not worried about ageing. I’ve never really been celebrated for being, like, young and hot, so I”m not worried about anything. I’m excited. I think I’m just getting started, and life’s getting better.”