‘Who Killed Sara?’ & More Revenge Tales to Stream on Netflix

‘Who Killed Sara?’ & More Revenge Tales to Stream on Netflix

Family ties are as twisted as the plot in the sexy Spanish mystery, Who Killed Sara?, starring Narcos‘ Manolo Cardona. He plays Alex Guzmán, wrongfully convicted of the suspicious parasailing death of his sister, Sara, 18 years prior. Upon his release, the ex-con dares to take on casino magnate Cesar Lazcano and his family, including son Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones), Sara’s old boyfriend, whom Alex holds responsible. “But nothing is as it seems,” teases series creator and writer Jose Ignacio Valenzuela.

As the show bounces between the past and present, Cesar’s cruel manipulations are revealed, as are the effect Sara’s murder has had on the rest of the Lazcano empire. Complicating things even further is Alex’s unexpected bond with Rodolfo’s young sister, Elisa (Carolina Miranda), which may force him to choose between romance and revenge. “That,” Valenzeula hints ominously, “will end up costing him dearly.” Available Now

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