Jeff Spires shares tips to ease anxiety ahead of lockdown ending

Jeff Spires shares tips to ease anxiety ahead of lockdown ending


Jeff Spires has advised people to “learn how to re-socialise” ahead of the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The RWL life coach has offered some tips to help reduce anxiety about the upcoming easing of social rules after a study found 41% of women feel anxious about returning to life, 56% of females want restrictions to stay in place so they don’t have to socialise and 67% of women will be turning down events when lockdown ends.

Jeff suggested: “Whether you were the life and soul of the party before lockdown, or have always found social situations a challenge, learning how to re-socialise can be a powerful tool in helping you take control of your life.”

He also urged people to undertake “practice runs” of new routines to stop feeling overwhelmed and to just make changes one step at a time.

The study found 59% of women feel anxious about spending money when the restrictions lift but as well as reassuring people they can say no to invitations without guilt, Jeff suggested reframing the mindset in order to feel comfortable with splashing out again.

He explained: “Saving money has been a huge positive for many people in lockdown so the prospect of suddenly feeling that they are going to lose control of this by spending on social situations can bring on unexpected anxiety.

“Firstly, remember that you don’t have to spend money to be social – so don’t be afraid to suggest a picnic in the park instead of a day in a beer garden. Secondly, this is about allowing yourself to have fun again.

“Remember, the brain works against us to stop us having extreme fun, but telling yourself that it’s ok to have fun and spend some money can be a powerful way of letting go of financial anxiety.”

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