Seth Rogen would find life ‘hard’ without drugs

Seth Rogen would find life ‘hard’ without drugs


Seth Rogen would find life “really hard” without marijuana.

The ‘Pineapple Express’ actor insisted smoking weed is as essential to him as wearing clothes and he doesn’t think he’d be able to function as well without the drug and wants to remove the stigma around it.

He said: “People don’t stigmatise shoes. People don’t say they make walking any less ‘real’. We need them for the ground we walk on! I wear glasses. We need gloves. We need houses. We’ve done a millions things to compensate for the fact that we just do not thrive in this place, you know?”

Asked what it would be like for him to go without weed, he added in an interview with Britain’s GQ magazine: “It would be like saying you can’t wear clothes any more. It would be a real bummer! It would make it really hard for me to do what I need to do in the world.”

And Seth finds the drug helpful to combat the signs of OCD and Tourette’s.

He noted: “The only stigma with weed is because it affects your brain. And people are just weird about it. They don’t like talking about brain health.”

The 38-year-old actor admitted he drank “as often as [he] could without derailing [his] life in any meaningful way”, between the ages or 13 and 23, but started questioning why he was doing it because it made him feel so mad afterwards.

He said: “Like, why am I getting blackout drunk at these things and hating myself the next day? And I think I realised I had been lied to about alcohol and that it held a place in society for the wrong reasons.”

Instead, he decided to stop worrying about what people thought and turned to drugs when other people were drinking alcohol and still thinks it’s a better approach.

He said: “Once I grew more comfortable with doing other drugs that were more stigmatised and not worrying about damage in terms of anyone’s perceptions of me, there was just a point where I realised I just need to be comfortable doing a quarter tab of molly [MDMA] at this party and not drinking and having a much better time.

“Or eating a tiny bit of shrooms at this thing or having a [weed] lollipop. The next day I don’t have a hangover. I’m not throwing up.

“It’s just much better for me…Truly, you would be better off doing a hit of acid than drinking.”

And Seth has even indulged in MDMA at his movie premieres.

He admitted: “Yes! I’ve done it in the past, for sure. I mean, I don’t do it during press for the first part of the premiere …”

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