Paloma Faith: Having children might have ruined my music career

Paloma Faith: Having children might have ruined my music career


Paloma Faith says there were “signs of concern” from her record label bosses when she fell pregnant with her second child.

The ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’ hitmaker welcomed her second child with her husband Leyman Lahcine last month, and has said she’s concerned her music career could be over now that she has two young children because it’s “not a very child-friendly industry”.

Paloma revealed she “cheated death” by continuing her career after the birth of her first child in 2016, but isn’t sure she will be able to do so a second time.

Speaking in her upcoming BBC Two documentary ‘Paloma Faith: As I Am’ – which is set to air on Saturday (03.27.21) – she said: “I did have a dinner (with them) and there were signs of concern when I mentioned that I’d like another child.

“It was uncomfortable. It’s not a very child-friendly industry. It’s OK with one but I feel like two, then becomes something different.

“I feel like I’ve cheated death in a way, in terms of the death of my career, with one. And I feel like maybe you can’t cheat death twice.”

The 39-year-old musician – who has made a decision not to release the names of her two children – has begun to make the move into acting after landing a role in ‘Pennyworth’, and says feels as though her music career is coming to an end.

She added: “It feels a little bit at the moment like it’s the end of an era for me.

“I feel like when I started I was a really creative person and over the years I’ve taken a trajectory that has been geared more towards commercialism.

“It feels demoralizing. It’s a moment of feeling nearly 40 is what it is.

“I’ve had a good run by modern standards – 10 years – but I need to think about how I’m going to reinvent myself.

“I’m glad I’m doing ‘Pennyworth’. Maybe I just need to focus on acting and then sing for love and do more projects that aren’t so commercial. I might enjoy it then.”

And Paloma believes her pop career could be over by “the end of the year”.

The ‘Picking Up the Pieces’ singer said: “We don’t know whether my music career is going to exist at the end of the year, really. So I’m trying to line up other options.”